News: Temporarily Closed for Webzine Submissions

Hello wonderful readers, contributors, and supporters of three drops from a cauldron.

I am closing webzine submissions from today until the 15th of January.

There are several reasons for this:
*I’m reading all of your wonderful submissions for the Midwinter Special (please keep sending those!) which closes on 6 November.
*I’m reading for the chapbook/pamphlet call (very exciting!) which is open until 15 January.
*The webzine is full until March (! – this is possibly the biggest reason for the temporary closure. I don’t want writers to wait overly long for their work to be published.)
*The Samhain Special will be out soon! Part One is next Thursday, 1 October, and Part Two on 15 October.
*I’ll be putting the second print anthology, Imbolc 2016, together soon!
*Book reviews are desperately behind, and this needs to be sorted out.
*Pushcart Prize nominees will need to be chosen and snail-mailed off to the USA soon.
*The Big Plans are underway for Three Drops as a press. I have to do maths and everything.

If you do send webzine submissions between now and the 15th of January, they will still be considered, but in January. Please be aware of this. (*Excluding any that landed in the inbox before today, 24 September.)

However, I will still be reading for chapbooks and Midwinter Special until their deadlines. Please keep sending work for those if you have it!

Thank you all for making three drops from a cauldron / Three Drops Poetry such an enchanted – and satisfyingly busy! – place.

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