Between Dreams at the Bottom of the Ocean by Danielle Matthews

Between Dreams at the Bottom of the Ocean

I am the deepest blue
shaded with only suggestion.
My eyes are unpractised,
unused for fathoms,
opening with shy reluctance.
Dancing atoms greet me,
welcome me to the Now,
and focus comes slowly.
Cold infuses my body
gently, with a lover’s tenderness,
and my bones creak in reply.
My ears begin to attune,
and dark sounds return
to place me in the Here.
I am the deepest blue,
but once I was More.
The Here is my home,
beneath heavy water,
but the Now is my cage.
I am unknown, forgotten –
I am the deepest blue.


Danielle Matthews began sharing her work for the first time in October 2014. Since then she has been published by Heroine Zine, FlashFlood journal, Silver Birch Press, and her poem appears first in the Slim Volume: Wherever You Roam anthology. Danielle lives with her books near Manchester, and they’re all very happy together.

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