Breath day by John Alwyine-Mosely

Breath day

The first stone egg,
sea shaped
is laid at the cot
by the women of drowned men.
At birth breath,
each scatters knuckle bones worn
to hold love,
the cast foretells
what stones to gather,
the cobbles of a roadwalker,
the boulders of a housemaker
the slabs of a grave


John Alwyine-Mosely is a poet from Bristol, England who is new to poetry but not to faeries or myths. Recent work has also appeared in Stare’s Nest, York Mix, Clear Poetry, Nutshells and Nuggets. Ink, Sweat and Tears, Street Cake, Screech Owl, Abbreviate Journal, The Ground, Aphelion, Uneven Floor,The Lake, Morphrog and Yellow Chair Review. His website can be found at

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