A Spell in the Woods by Stella Wulf

A Spell in the Woods

Wych elm, elder, aspen, oak,
badger’s hideout, hedgepig’s poke.

Dogwood, hawthorn, cherry, birch,
woodpeckers larder, roe deer’s church.

Blackthorn, alder, rowan, ash,
blackbird’s nest egg, squirrel’s stash.

Holly, hornbeam, hazel, yew,
hedgerows, meadows, bird’s-eye view.

Chain saw, bulldozer, open sores,
Tesco, Pound World, British Home Stores.


Stella Wulf lives in South West France. Her work has appeared in The Screech Owl, Prolebooks, The Stare’s Nest and Message in a Bottle. In 2012 she won third place in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly poetry competition. She is currently studying towards an MA in Creative Writing with Lancaster University. She is also an artist and her work can be seen on her website: http://www.stellawulf.com


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