New paperback out now – Samhain 2015!

Due to popular demand, I have started publishing print book versions of our seasonal specials. The first one is Samhain, and contains 35 poems out of the 50+ we published in the two-part e-issue.

You can purchase a copy here if you’re interested.

Includes poetry & flash fiction by: Marc Woodward, David Callin, Jax J. Victor, Sarah Doyle, John Alwyine-Mosely, Lesley Quayle, A.B. Cooper, Phil Wood, Amy Kinsman, Gareth Writer-Davies, Sue Spiers, FF Corbeau, Mary Gilonne, Rachael Clyne, Helen May Williams, Wendy Pratt, Rebecca Gethin, Kay Buckley, Stephen Bone, Maggie Mackay, Karen Jane Cannon, Kate Garrett, Simon Paul Wilson, Seth Crook, Paul Tristram, Bob Roberts, Joanne Key, Nancy Scott, Danielle Matthews, Jackie Biggs, David J. Costello, Jane Røken, Irene Buckler, Amanda Crum, & Mary Franklin.

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