Snow White by Carole Bromley

Snow White

I’ve nothing against little men
and there’s safety in numbers.
Seven felt about right.
All day I’d the house to myself
and a girl needs her space.
I had to promise not to open the door
but that was a small price.

Every morning they’d be off,
hi-hoeing down the path
with their shovels and picks.
The chairs were a tad snug,
it was like living in a doll’s house
but I was happy, I was safe,
I was singing all day long

till I opened the window
to the witch, took an apple,
bit into it and you know the rest.
The whole prince to the rescue scene.
Still it was better than back home
where people talked to mirrors
and didn’t like the answers.

Carole Bromley is a teacher from York. She has two pamphlets and a collection from Smith/Doorstop and a second book, The Stonegate Devil, was published in October 2015. Carole is the Stanza rep for York, blogs at and from October 2015 has been running poetry surgeries in York for the Poetry Society. Website


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