I am not Cervantes by Ford Dagenham

I am not Cervantes

Sancho Panza ?

+++ maybe herding
+++ maybe following
+++ the
earth’s quixotic delusion
++++++ waiting
++++++ on
++++++ some
++++++ concrete gift
i will

saddled Rocinante ?

+++ lost in my own
+++ small
+++ windmill
+++ war

Ford Dagenham sweats balls.  Runs the blog Hatchbacks on Fire.  Feeds the cat.  Has own mass.  Today has sat in waiting for a hat in the post.  Later he will send three chocolate Freddo bars to Surrey first class.  Has chapbook A Canvey Island of the Mind by Blackheath Books.  Turns up in PUSH and Paper&Ink magazines.  Faced with dilemmas he often runs a bath.  Today he will accidentally absorb news.  Then run a bath.

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