17 Questions About the Sword and the Stone by Karen & Keith Eisenbrey

17 Questions About the Sword and the Stone

“So he took the sword by the handles, quickly and fiercely pulled it out of the stone, got his horse, and rode on his way . . .”
Le Morte d’Arthur

Were there kings before Arthur?
Wizards before Merlin?
Swords before Excalibur?
Stones before nameless Stone?
Did Stone ask to take Sword?
Did Stone ask to give Sword?
Did Sword enter Stone, or did Stone bring Sword forth?
Did King wrest Sword, or catch its birth?
Did Stone and Sword, spent, fall apart?
What boon did Stone hold back?
Was King known by Sword, or by Stone?
Was it balm or woe to let Sword go?
Does Stone dream Sword?
Does Sword dream Stone?
Did Stone split when Sword and King sundered?
Can Stone’s void be known?
Can Stone’s wound be healed?

Karen Eisenbrey is a novelist, singer, drummer, and reluctant poet. Her YA novel The Gospel According to St. Rage will be published by Pankhearst in 2016. Keith Eisenbrey is a composer, pianist, patterner, and accidental poet. Find links to scores and sounds at www.bannedrehearsal.org. Karen and Keith have sunk their roots in Seattle, WA and collaborate on many things, including an old house and two grown sons.

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