Best of the Net 2017 Nominations

It’s September! And just in time – I’m excited to announce our Best of the Net 2017 nominees. (And please do visit/re-visit our six poetry and two flash fiction nominations by following the links in the titles.)


Marking Time by Lisa Kelly

The Mermaid Leaves Her Lover by Amoret BriarRose

Red in the Woods by Rachael Smart

The Tiger of Annam (strolls through the Chelsea Hotel) by Derek Coyle

The Night We Set the Clocks Back by Pete Green

Hex by Jennie Farley


Pearls by Bethany W Pope

I know not if I sink or swim by Olivia Tuck

Congratulations and good luck to our eight nominees!

For more information about Sundress Publications and the Best of the Net anthology, visit their website here.

And we’ll see you again soon for September’s issue of Three Drops from a Cauldron.

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