Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue 23

Hello, and I hope you’re enjoying the almost-autumn (or almost-spring if you’re one of our friends in the southern hemisphere), lovely ones.

We’re back with our August issue for your mystical, strange, and/or otherworldly enjoyment. This issue includes lots of slanted fairy tales; an assortment of saints, angels, and demons; goddesses, fairies, and water creatures; Arthurian perspectives; and some theories on the naming of a pub, among other things (even, perhaps, a vampire or two, which will hopefully get people ready for you-know-what season – submissions for our online-only Samhain 2018 special will open on 1st September).

Our cover photo this quarter is by Steve Toase, and the issue features writing and art by Sheikha A., Annest Gwilym, Emma Lee, Claire Loader, Olivia Tuck, Zoe Mitchell, Susannah Hart, Kara Pogos, Sue Kindon, Kristin Garth, Samuel J Fox, Wren Tuatha, Cassie Hughes, Charley Reay, Richard Biddle, Chloe Smith, Louise Wilford, Penny Sharman, Jacqueline Knight, Nancy Scott, Maxine Rose Munro, Kaddy Benyon, Phil Wood, Andy Miller, T.L. Evans, Matthew D. Laing, Laurence Davies, Rodney Wood, Jude Cowan Montague, Ian Stuart, Linda Imbler, Raine Geoghegan, and Danielle Matthews.

Happy reading!

(If anyone has a visual impairment and cannot adjust the settings / download on Issuu [downloading has been enabled, but I think it requires you to sign up / sign in], please email Kate at, and I will be happy to send you a PDF.)

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