Submissions open, and a big update, full of changes…

Dearest readers, writers, and friends of Three Drops from a Cauldron:

My first bit of news is happy – our submissions are OPEN, for our quarterly web journal as well as for our Samhain 2018 special. So check out the guidelines pages and send us your best!

The rest of the news is a bit like me admitting defeat, but with good reasons – so I don’t see it as a failure, just a little sad. I have changes and updates to announce.

First of all, our Samhain 2018 and Midwinter 2018 specials will be online-only, instead of online and in print. And they will be our last two seasonal specials. In addition to this, the previous seasonal specials (Lughnasadh 2015 through to Midwinter 2017) will only be available to read as online archives, and will be taken out of print this month. (I just need to set aside time to do it.) Any outstanding payments from those specials (if we’ve made enough) will be worked out and paid to any contributors who might be waiting.

Secondly, again relating to print books – after 2019, I will no longer be publishing anything at all in print, including single-author books. This won’t negatively affect the writers whose books we’ve already published or are scheduled to publish – on the contrary, I should have a bit more time to nurture their books when necessary.

I’ve never been able to make a profit from any of this (though the writers have, and that makes me happy), and with five children, other web journals to edit (there are currently four in total, but one of the others is going on indefinite hiatus), and health issues (my own, as well as some of the kiddos), I have decided to move away from the time-consuming complications of editing and publishing print books, and stick to online journals. But this will, of course, be after I’ve honoured the print commitments I’ve already made.

These have not been easy decisions to make, and I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who might have wanted to submit a book in the future. The web journal, at least, is here to stay. It was my first journal and I always feel it was meant to be – over the years I’ve only seen more evidence of that: not only has it been satisfying for me to bring it together, it has helped other editors get where they’re going, and it’s helped writers and readers in myriad ways, too. But my desire to create new publications did, at some point, get out of hand. Also things change, and my body and brain can’t keep up anymore due to illness and having a baby and toddler again. So I’ve had to find a balance again.

Thank you for your support over the years, and again I’m sorry if these changes are a disappointment for anyone.








  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you’ve done. These issues are clearly a labor of love, and it’s wonderful that you are taking care of yourself/prioritizing what works in a sustainable way. I also appreciate that you’re being so transparent. Many small presses and journals vanish without a word, and leave past and future contributors confused at best about the state of things. What a reflection of your ethics this is! Bravo!


  2. It’s always imporatant to find time to look after yourself Kate –and thank you for explaining the changes, as Sarah says above, so many presses and journals don’t say a thing when they stop or change in some fundamental way.


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